Former armed forces’ Gwangju hospital (구)광주국군병원 (2019)


Archtectual model of former armed forces’ Gwangju hospital made of formboard, 7 video cameras, 7 video projectors, motors+dimension variables

폼보드로 만들어진 (구)광주국군병원, 7 비디오카메라, 7 비디오프로젝터, 3 모터+가변설치

During the Gwangju Democratization Uprising, those who were injured or killed were healed or moved to the main building of the former Armed Forces’ Gwangju Hospital. Now this place which is carved with the traces of sorrow of that time is modeled with foamboards and is displayed widely on the floor of the exhibition hall. The feet and movements of the people who walk around the model looking like giants because of its scale are captured by small video cameras installed inside the model. They represent floating souls through the images projected in small sizes on every wall of the exhibition hall in real-time.


광주민주화항쟁 당시 사상자를 옮기고 치료했던 장소로 그날의 아픔이 흔적으로 새겨진 구 국군병원의 본관이 폼보드로 모형화되고 전시장 바닥에 넓게 놓여진다. 모형과의 스케일 때문에 마치 거인처럼 모형 주변을 걷는 사람들의 발과 움직임은 모형 내부에 설치된 소형비디오카메라에 의해 찍혀지고 실시간으로 전시장 벽면 곳곳에 작게 프로젝션되는 영상을 통해 부유하는 영혼처럼 존재를 드러낸다.